As a provider of Vocational Education and Training, Ingwe  TVET College has much to offer students. Our courses are ideal for learners who wish to study at a TVET College and thereafter further their studies at a University, obtain employment or become self-employed.

Ingwe TVET College is central to skills development requirements of the Eastern Cape and significantly contributes to the training of a skilled workforce.

We strive to be flexible in our programme offerings so that they meet the needs of surrounding communities. Our programmes are affordable, cost effective and are an alternative to general education and training programmes at schools. 

Ingwe TVET College has partnered with Artisan Development Academy (Pty) Ltd to establish a fully functional and entirely accredited Trade Test Centre at the Ingwe TVET College! This is the only fully accredited Trade Test Centre in the Eastern Area of the Eastern Cape Province.

Bursaries are also available for all the Trade test courses. Candidates prior learning is taken in to account (Recognition of Prior Learning – RPL!) Duration of these new courses is only 3 months. Training for the Trade test students will already start from January 2015.

If you have prior work experience and schooling you could qualify for the courses and the bursaries.

Contact the college now to apply!

The following Artisan Trade Test Programmes are available at the Ingwe TVET College:

  • Fitting and Turning
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Welding
  • Brick Laying
  • Motor Mechanic
  • Panel Beating
  • Spray Painting


Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges strive to provide high quality education and training to help you equip yourself with the qualifications and skills you need to start on your chosen career path. You will gain invaluable life skills to meet the many challenges of the working world with more than just a qualification on paper.


  • Many bursaries available.
  • Our courses are affordable and accessible.
  • Our campuses have well equipped workshop facilities.
  • We have five campuses which offer a variety of programmes.
  • The quality education and training offered in our programmes provide learners with the skills and knowledge demanded by the modern economy.
  • We offer learnerships in conjunction with SETA interventions, skills courses as well as various part-time courses.
  • New Trade Test Center and new facilities and new equipment from beginning of 2015.
  • Ingwe using own students to build facilities for practical experience and letting them earn some income.
  • Ingwe TVET College is building partnerships with business to create job placements for students successfully completing their courses.
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